Consumer insight supplement now available

Consumer insight supplement now available

A new annual supplement packed full of business-building consumer insight has been launched by H2O Publishing, the company that produces SLC.

BITES – Our Guide to Your Guests’ is an extension of the BITES newsletter, which provides regular summaries of key high street findings every two weeks, allowing operators within foodservice and hospitality to shape their business according to the lessons learned that fortnight.

Both products are based on the BITES acronym, which stands for Brands, Insights, Trends and Experiences.

After nearly 30 issues of the newsletter, the H2O Publishing team selected nine key topics that kept cropping up over the last 12 months and delved a little deeper into those parts of the industry, resulting in Our Guide to Your Guests.

Topics in the magazine include consumer spend, diets, technology, sustainability and much more. By tracking the movements and developments within those areas, H2O has produced a title that not only looks back on the facts and figures previously reported, but also sheds some light on the future. Within each topic readers will find a breakdown of the Brands, Insights, Trends and consumer Experiences that are present on today’s high street, providing a full-on banquet of food for thought for operators and their teams.

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“We’ve had a lot of great feedback on the BITES newsletter, which has been running for over a year now,” says Tristan O’Hana, editorial director of H2O Publishing. “By looking back through each of those emails and studying every unique element of the market, we’ve been able to produce what we feel is a comprehensive guide to today’s consumers.”

Foodservice and hospitality operators can access the online edition of ‘BITES – Our Guide to Your Guests’ by clicking here.

If you’re not yet signed up to receive the fortnightly BITES newsletter, you can subscribe for free at